Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Blog

Hey guys, if you're interested, my new blog is www.whiteyre.blogspot.com
I will no longer be using this one.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday cRaZiNeSs!!!

So I really attempted to try and keep up on my posting. Life has been CRAZY!! I'm back working lots and I just feel like there is not enough time in the day to do all I need too. I cherish any moment that I get to spend with my family and little Jettster! I've enjoyed every minute of him. He is getting SOO big. He had his 2nd birthday on Thursday, the 16th. He got so many fun toys and LOVES them all. He is starting to talk SOO much. Only Jake and I can really understand him but thats all that matters right. :-) Jett is such a good little boy and I couldn't ask for any better. He definately has his "curious" moments but I just have to remind myself that he's not doing it to be naughty. We have been enjoying all of the Logan snow and getting excited for Christmas. Jett did so well with not opening presents under the tree until his birthday, and then he thought it was ok. I've caught him a couple of times opening up presents. Luckily, they have all been Jake's so none of his presents were revealed!

We had another special surprise happen in December. My brother's had his second little boy on Dec. 3rd. Cam is such a special little guy and was born without his left hand. To our pleasant surprise he was born with half of a palm, which is more than we expected. He is such a cutie and a BIG sleeper! He is such a good little baby. It makes me baby hungry but I've got some things I want to get finished (school) before I start bringing more little Miller's into this world. As much as I want one, I know the time is not right.

We've been enjoying the Holiday season and all of the family time we get to have. We're so greatful for our families and all they do for us! Enjoy the pictures!!

Me and Jett went on a little date the other night. We played in the snow FOREVER then decided to go out for a quick bite while dad was still at work. So much fun!While we played in the snow, me and Jett decided to build a snowman (I forgot how much work it is)! I couldn't think of anything to use as the eyes and mouth, then I remembered the old brownies and figured they would work out great, until Jetty realized that it was "nandy" (aka candy) and started to eat them all!

Our cute snowman!!
Jett got a bike from his Nana and Papa!
Addison wanted it to be her birthday SOO bad, so she helped us open lots of presents! :-)

We aren't very good at this picture taking things toether so of course I'll pick the one I look half descent in!
Girls night out shopping!
Me and Tay
Jett joined us on the girls night out!

Crazy morning hair!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jake turned the big 23!!

Not much been going on. We have been staying busy trying to rap up our summer and have our last couple fun nights outside. The past two weeks there has been two bridal showers for my cousin Christy. They were all SUPER fun! My cousin was a sweetheart and gave Christy a Slumber Part. My cousin does Slumber Parties and does an AMAZING job. Jake turned 23 on the 25th and Jett has just been as funny as ever.

There is never a dull moment with Jett around. He is becoming so funny! I enjoy any time I get to spend with him. He has been starting to talk SOO much and he is becoming much much easier to understand. He is OBSESSED with "howsey's" (that's how he says horsey's). It is so freakin cute. He started a new thing today and started getting on the arm rest of the couch and acting like it was his "howsey" and and he would go riding!! Jett has also been starting to get quite a bit of attitude and unfortunately, he LOVES the word, "NOOOO!!!" And it's not just a, "No," it is a full on, high pitched screamed, "NOO!!!" There are so many times that I need to discipline him but I just can't find it in me because the things he does are so funny and I can't keep a straight face.

As for me and Jake, we are just working for now and I'm starting school back up in the spring. I have decided to change what I want to do and go a totally different direction. Instead of nursing, I really want to go to cosmotology school. I know, I know...everyone and their dog goes to cosmotology school and you really have to stay committed to be able to make something of the thousands of dollars spent on school. But, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE doing make up, hair, (atempting nails), and anything else involved. Let me know what you think about this wild idea. Below are just some pictures of the last couple weeks.

(Excuse any misspelled words. I'm super tired and just about falling asleep. Hopefully this post isn't TOO sloppy!)

We had a little get together at our place for Jake's birthday (Jett was SOO excited to blow out the canldes).
Tay Tay and Brookey went to their first home coming on Saturday. Me and Tiff did their hair and makeup. They looked GORGEOUS!! (Jeni was there but refused to get in the pic)

Us again right before they left for the night.

Cute cousin Brookey, I've decided we are just going to adopt her into our sister group cos she pretty much is one! :-) Love you Brookey, you looked so pretty!

Tay Tay....Looked gorgeous!!! Tiff did her hair SOO cute!! You looked beautiful Tay. Hope you had fun!

Jake's mom treated me, Sam, Megan, and our kids to a day at Lagoon. I was expected it to be a bit cooler than it was so I dressed Jett in pants. Poor kid was so hot...so we went on some rides to get us wet!! He LOVED it!

Ken and Jett riding the airplanes! Thanks Nana for the fun day!!

Jett and Jake blowing their hunting wistles...or whatever they are called. Jett loves it when Jake gets off work. He is stuck to him till he goes to bed!

I took Jett and Addison to story time at the American West Heritage Center. It was so much fun. They got to color a picture, read a story about potatoes, play a game, then get a snack. A good way to keep him busy and pass the time!! His they are cheesin it!

Coloring their pictures!

Cheese! Oh...I just signed Jett up for gymnastics!! He ABSOLUTELY loves it! He doesn't listen very well but we are working on that!

I put Jett to bed the other day. His room was spotless when he went down. I went to check on him after a half hour and found this. He had decided to put his monkey to sleep and play with his toys for a bit! What a funny kid!

Jett and Addison watching cartoons eating their cereal!

Swinging at the park!

Monday, September 6, 2010

((GiRLs)) night {{OuT}}

My mom and the girls went out on Saturday for a SUPER FUN girls night out!! We enojoyed the start of our day shopping at the mall, we then went and ate at Red Rock, and finshed the day with a concert by John Schmidt. We all had a blast!! All of the men watched the kids so we had a much needed day to ourselves. The concert was AWESOME!! I can't believe how talanted that man is. He played a song laying on his back with his hands crossed. I don't know how he does it. I think all I can play is....well I pretty much can't play. We had a blast together. Here are some pics of our fun night!! Thanks mother dearest for the fun girls night out!!

I'm not meaning to have the words underlined. I don't know what I hit but I can't get it to turn off!:-(

My mom's Shake Face!

My Shake face...and I guess tiff wanted to join in with me!

Tay Tay's Shake Face!! Poor Tay broker her foot on Saturday during a Volleyball Tournament with her highschool. She will probably be out most of the seasons! And she will be going to Homecoming in a very fashionable "boot"!

Brooke's Shake Face!

And here is Tiff's. ha ha ha ha!!

All of us girls!! Tiff, me, Tay Tay, Brookey, Jeni Jo, and Sher.

Tiffany's attempt at making one eye look straight and the other cross eyed. Nice try Tiff!!

I can do it!! I look like a FREAK!!

I don't even know what to call this face!

We had to get there two hours early to get a good spot. We had to do SOMETHING to entertain ourselves!! :-)

Me and Sher at Red Rock!

Mom and Brooke at Red Rock!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Alright, I'm coming back to blogger world!!

Alright, first off...picture OVERLOAD!! I have TONS more pictures to post but my computer is being stubborn and won't upload anymore. I promise to be better on my posting so I don't have to post a ton all at once. Anyway....Jake, Me, and Jett went to St. Louis for the summer. We came back the end of July. St. Louis was a lot of BLAH!! Not my favorite place and I got a little home sick. It was tough on Jett to be moving around so we decided we wouldn't do that again. While we were there we spent most of our days at the pools. Jett is a little fish!! He doesn't like the kiddy pool, he wants to be in the big pool with his floaties on and he swims all day long. Jett has become such a good swimmer. I'm excited to put him in swimming lessons again and see how well he does at them this time. Since we've been back home, we've moved into our own place! YAY!!! We have been to Lake Powell twice, Lagoon, Bear Lake, Seven Peaks, and camping in Torrey. As for me and Jake, we had our two year anniversary on June first. Wow, how time flies. I couldn't believe it. Jake is working here and Logan and I'm working just here and there to keep up on my CNA license. Other than that, we are pretty boring people. Ha ha ha!

Jett on the other hand, that kid is full of life. He is starting to talk SOO much. He LOVES watching "Barbee" (thats how he says "Barney"). That kid does some of the funniest things. He is growing up too fast and I just want to pause time to enjoy him a little more. He LOVES "houws!!" (thats how he says "Horse"). He went on a pony ride and wouldn't get off the horse so the nice workers took him around two extra times for free. He is OBSESSED with riding bikes and scooters and he doesn't want any help doing it so you can only imagine that the kid is covers in bumps, bruises, and scratches. He shows me all of his "Owies" daily. When he wants a drink he will run to the fridge and say "Juu!" And any time he wants food, he will run to the fridge and say "Cookie!" I don't know why, but everything is a cookie. He is started to talk more and more and communicate so well. I have taken his binki away other than bed time. He did the funniest thing tonight, it was about 7:45 and he ran into his room and insisted on going to bed. I tried to talk him out of it and tell him to come watch Barney for a little bit with me on the couch, he pushed me away and yelled, "Noo!!!" He then climbed into bed and put his arms up for a hug and said, "Wuv you!" He is growing up to fast and is starting to need me less and less. I'm going to put him in some gymnastics or tumbling lessons to help him get out his energy. I absolutely love every minute I get to spend with him.

Here are just some random pics. I'll post some newer ones when my computer decideds to cooperate.

Jett and dad in Lake Powell. Jett would fall asleep on every boat ride.
Holding some sparklers on the fourth in St. Louis. He didn't know what to think.

You could get any firework you wanted in St. Louis. This one was about $125. Don't worry, I just took a picture with it, I'm not that stupid to buy it.

Jett's new way to get around.

Jake + his friends + fireworks = someone getting hurt. They decided to put a firecracker in a glass bottle. Jason didn't run away fast enough and a piece of glass got stuck in his foot.

My little family on the fourth.

Jett LOVES chocolate!1

Jett sitting on time out. This happens quite often!

Jett swimming with dad.

Shopping with me at the mall

One of Jett's many bruises. He fell and hit his head on a door hindge.

Poor Jett got attacked by a stupid little dog from a neighbor in St. Louis. The dumb dog also bit his hand. He was a trooper and isn't too afraid of dogs anymore.

I heard Jett screaming in the other room...don't ask me how but he folded himself up in the chair.

Thats all for now. I will try and post every week. I know not many people read this but its mostly for me to have so I can remember all the fun things life brings.